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September 16, 2008

Hello and welcome to my photography blog.
I’m a documentary photographer from Manchester in the UK. You can see my work at my website: www.dunni.co.uk
There’s a short film or three here on vimeo and you can read my publications here at Issuu. 


No irony necessary

April 19, 2014

_74153944_belum.u2438_f.e.mcwilliamA new exhibition in Belfast looks interesting, but alas a change of plans means I won’t be there to see it (or the start of the Giro d’Italia)…
The Art of the Troubles – looks at art produced in response to the war in Ireland – pictures is F.E. McWilliam’s 1974 sculpture ‘Woman in Bomb Blast’ – one of the earliest artistic responses to the Troubles. The exhibition is on until September at the Ulster Museum, who without any sense of irony are hosting a children’s event:

“Sue McGrath – ‘Scientific Sue’ from Science2Life delivers a highly explosive show to support our wonderful new ‘Elements’ exhibition. Danger and fun are guaranteed!! BEWARE:- there are lots of flames and explosions and very loud bangs! Members of the audience are invited to take part. So, if you have someone who needs exploded [sic] or just covered in horse’s pee, bring them along”

I’ve met two photographers who have explored the subject. Dominic Wylie’s photographic dissection of The Maze prison and Paul Seawright’s banal depiction of the places sectarian murders took place are both works that use the technique of not showing the subject or event to better explain the subject or event.

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April 17, 2014

modern manners 2 hi-fiMy column in issue 2 of Cheshire Resident.


Gore Town

April 13, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’ve been photographing Gorton in East Manchester for the last couple of weeks for a magazine feature (more details later). I know the area a bit as I briefly worked there. It’s a microcosm of what’s going on all over the country. Once its people worked in the engineering industry (it was home to a massive railway engine works). The engineering jobs went and part time supermarket work was all that was offered in its place. Local services such as Gorton Tub (swimming baths) were closed and social housing that was only built in the 1970s cleared to make way for redevelopment led by market forces. Despite the apparent bleakness, there is still a strong community and some of it is as picturesque as any village. And as I walked round I met some strange but wonderful people.



March 23, 2014

CRE MannersI’ve started writing a column in “Cheshire Resident” (subtitled “The New Luxury Magazine From The Makers of Cheshire Life”, no less) which is being published by Archant. My column’s called “Modern Manners” and will mainly be the usual mix of cycling, cynicism and appeals for free samples.

cheshire resident


Number 9

March 19, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 06.51.37Now Then Manchester celebrates issue 9 with a revamped look and features my regular psychogeography column, which seems to have lost its “No Where Fast” tag. But it’s still the same scholarly satirical mix as before. In this episode I write about graffiti and ask, “is it (street) art?”

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March 18, 2014

which shall prevail 2I was in Kiev in the Ukraine in 1991 when it declared independence from the USSR, which had only months earlier opened its first branch of McDonalds. I dug out this article I’d written on my return. `looking at the negatives I brought back I’ve concluded I was never cut out to be a photojournalist. None of my pictures showed anything momentous, so instead I’ll post this print I made at the time based on Lenin’s rhetorical question, “Which shall prevail, socialism or barbarism?”

ukraine article 1991


As one door closes…

February 9, 2014

gallery panorama

mayorThanks to everyone who visited my exhibition at Stockport Art Gallery.
Another oldie but goldy from my oeuvre went on display this week at Sale Waterside with my sound installation ’100 Breaths Per Minute’ featuring in their biennial Open Exhibition. It didn’t manage to survive the opening night before someone bust it, but I expect they’ll have it working again by now. The exhibition runs until 24 May and includes an exhibit entered anonymously by the Mayor of Trafford who is pictured  probably thinking about my piece and reflecting on the sound of silence.


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