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September 16, 2008

Hello and welcome to my photography blog.
I’m a documentary photographer from Manchester in the UK. You can see my work at my website: www.dunni.co.uk
There’s a short film or three here on vimeo and you can read my publications here at Issuu. 


Wash day blues

July 14, 2014

Latest column from me in Cheshire Resident’s August edition…
Modern Manners Dishwasher
























July 9, 2014

Now then statues part 2The second part of my three part psychogeographical look at urban statues in Manchester graces the pages of issue 11 of Now Then Manchester magazine – if you can’t find a real copy you can read it online here.

Now Then 11


Sports fans

July 8, 2014

More sports news… The thing about watching the Tour de France live is you get there 6 hours before anything happens to get a good spot and then they ride past in about 15 seconds. I did manage to find the “fire-like-a-machine-gun” mode on my camera, but despite being quite shy and very antisocial, I am something of a people photographer, so here then are some scenes from my days out in Yorkshire.

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Fever pitch

June 20, 2014

Union Flag PubI’ve barely had time to make my once-every-four-years World Cup of Soccerball meme and In-ger-land are on the plane home – but later than a Roy Keane tackle, here’s this years quote from (who else) but George Orwell:

“…football, beer, and above all, gambling filled up the horizon of their minds. To keep them in control was not difficult.”

Thankfully the Tour de France is on it’s way to lift their eyes a little.


Coffee break

June 16, 2014

It was thirsty work writing my column for July’s ‘Cheshire Resident’ – thanks to Zach and Andy for loaning me the coffee device. (Mug model’s own).
cheshire resident, coffee, ROKK


Red Pepper

June 4, 2014

red pepper toilets article webI’m very pleased to have an article in the June/July issue of Red Pepper Magazine. It’s the first time I’ve written for them and it is about the privatisation of public toilets – if it seems familiar, that’s because it’s based on the column piece I did for ‘Now Then Manchester’ magazine a few months ago – think of it as recycled toilet tissue. I can’t say I’m entirely happy with the photos they’ve used to illustrate it (by Morgan Sailsbury) as I think they’re voyeuristic and suggest the problem is drunken revellers relieving themselves, which is the opposite of what I say in the article – but I suppose it illustrates the issues around interpretation of photographs.

red pepper cover



June 1, 2014


Pattern made up from flags of the republics of the Former Soviet Union.


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