Lots of notice

January 21, 2009

square-rbs-reflectionHere’s a lot of notice for an exhibition of my architectural photographs which will get an airing at Manchester’s Central Library in October. Exhibitions can be a long time coming – there are lots of photographers and not many places to show work. Sometimes when work gets accepted it takes a long time for the exhibition to open (I first submitted this series nearly 2 years ago) – galleries can be booked up years in advance.  I’ll give you the gory details nearer the time. Oh yes – the picture shows the Royal Bank of Scotland’s Manchester gaff – which as a stakeholder in UK plc I now own part of.

Meanwhile it’s not all about me, me, me, you know… Talking of exhibitions, Artland is showing Iraq: The Space Between by Christoph Bangert. Christoph is also giving a talk about the work on 29 January at the Midland Hotel in Manchester (tickets £3, proceeds to the Stop the War Coalition) and will be holding a masterclass on 31 January – see RedEye’s website for details. P.S. Wait ’till the exhibition actually opens before trying to visit it. Ahem.


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