Here we go (again)

police-cctv-photographer-posterA while back, there was an anti-terrorist advertising campaign in London with posters telling people to be very suspicious of people taking photos of CCTV cameras. Which was exactly what I was doing (yes I have been stopped). Well I’ve just about finished my CCTV project (hence the lack of recent blog entries) when they start doing it again, only this time they’ve put up a load of posters in my home town of Mancunia. Thanks to BinaryApe on flickr for telling me about this one, which I went and snapped today. This particular poster is (without any irony whatsoever) virtually outside Calumet the photography equipment shop. Here are some remixes. Anyroadup, I’ve done a short video and essay and might do a podcast to go with my CCTV project, so stay tuned. And don’t forget to report any suspicious goings on. And if I do get an exhibition, could they run another campaign to coincide?


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