Return of the native

isle of wightRegular viewers may remember my School of Life holiday on the Isle of Wight with Martin Parr. Well I’ve just spent another week on the isle (this time without Mr Parr, but it’s just as weird). Stayed in Ventnor in the house frequented by Karl Marx (getting to be a regular thing this fellow traveling lark). To make matters more surreal Mrs Dave and I went to see The Stranglers in Ryde, but (alas) missed Chas and Dave who were on in Bournemouth.

Anyway, added a couple of snaps to my long running seaside saga series and noted the increase in CCTV – I wasn’t the only one – a flickr friend was also stalking the island, but we didn’t quite manage to meet up.

An outing to Dimbola Lodge (home of Victorian photographer Julia Margaret Cameron) was enlivened by the appearance of the Google Street View car – who saw me snapping him, so drove up, so I (and he) could get a better view. There’s a prize to the first person to find me on Street View.


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