August 3, 2009

birmingham church carpark 1Donned my BSA t-shirt and rode (by train) to Birmingham to Rhubarb-Rhubarb the international photography review/festival/thingy at the Arts Council’s expense (ta again tax payers). The idea behind these kind of events is to show your work to the Great and the Good (not to mention the Bad and the Ugly) and for them to throw things at you – hopefully the things they are throwing are useful ideas, helpful advice and offers of marriage/exhibitions/publications– but sometimes it’s pieces of paper, punches and paving stones. Well I got no offers of marriage (where would you find a half decent wedding photographer at an event like that?) but I didn’t get hit by any paving stones either and got a few people interested in my cctv stuff.

Now if you want to see what Birmingham’s cctv cameras look like you’ll have to go to my flickr stream, so instead, I thought I’d show you the last thing the Town Planners saw just before the good people of our second city (after Manchester) threw them from the car park roof.

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