building expo cardDuring October you can see some of my architectural photos of modern, iconic, Mancunian buildings displayed in one of Mancunia’s modern, iconic, buildings – Central Library. Not my usual thing at all. They’re displayed outside the local studies unit on the first floor and I spent today putting them all up – and then watching most of them fall down. Hmmmmn the perils of furry display boards – I’m off to buy some of the stuff they use to stick shit to blankets and will hopefully have them up soon. Which reminds me why I was never a very good gallery attendant.


One thought on “Exhibitionist

  1. May I draw your attention to your degrading coments about your abilties as a picture hanger upper.
    I’m affriad I must take issue with you on this matter as as far as Im aware your most dubios activities were that as an Aircraft designer!

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