Straight for the vernacular

January 30, 2010

You can’t take an ‘iconic’ photo – if you want to. It’s for other people, events and time, to decide what’s iconic. Here’s a photograph which if you don’t know who it is or what she did, isn’t iconic. But if you do, it is. Confused yet? Anyway one of the things about the wonderful world of hyperlinks is how you find things you were never looking for. Brenda Burrel commented on one of my postings and linked on her blog to Colin Pantall’s blog which tells the story of this photograph. I don’t know if that’s an example of ‘trawling the wreckage’ (Warning: Tenuous Link Ahead) but BlackLab’s launch ‘do’ last night was by popular acclaim a hit. What’s more I finally met Mark Page of Manchester Photography Blog infamy – for some time one of us has managed to leave the room just before the other arrived. Anyway have a shufty at his new series.
Now that’s quite enough links for one post, goodnight.


  1. Don’t we all love the meandering trails of the whacky old internet? 🙂

    Thanks for the mention, David.

  2. A meander is almost as good as a potter.

  3. […] 19, 2010 Another day, another story behind another iconic photograph (see the earlier entry Straight for the vernacular). This is one of the most famous images from the second world war and it was posed – by Tass […]

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