Caught red handed

March 18, 2010

People say they are concerned about the surveillance state, yet with one of those contradictions that makes life interesting, they do most of the surveillance themselves, only to find no bugger’s interested.
Most people are aware their location is given away when they use their mobile phone or sat-nav, and Tesco knows your cat’s birthday. You can even tag your child without having to get an Asbo by buying them this watch. I was supposed to be wearing one of these during my exhibition, but the manufacturer seemed to have second thoughts…
Now I can’t be arsed with Twitter, I’m not really interested in what I’m doing most of the time, let alone Stephen Fry, but here’s a novel use for all those Tweets. This site let’s you know who is away from home, so you can go and rob the new telly they were boasting about on FaceBook (OK they want to make a point and not actually help housebreakers). If they leave any of their credit cards in the top draw by the bed (where most people apparently do) here’s another site, which lists every pin number (yes even yours). There’s also services such as Dopplr which show what a well travelled person you are. Now don’t sue me if the 50” plasma 3-D telly they were boasting of turns out to be a 20” supermarket special – people apply a bit of spin to their on-line personas. (Teens don’t believe anyone called ‘Jason’ saying they’re 14 years old – they’ll have been born in the 1970s and named after Jason King from Department S). If you need some tips about using FaceBook there’s a video I enjoyed here.

Now I’m off out to see 1984 and our telly really is a 15 year old, 20” mono CRT (which I suppose is an example of inverted snobbery) and I don’t have a credit card.



  1. I’m getting a mini CCTV that will hang around my cats neck. She’s not getting away with not being spied.

  2. Mind you if it’s round your cat’s neck – what will it spy?

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