Liverpool One (well two actually)

Paid another trip to Liverpool this week, as always in search of contradictions and evidence of people taking the piss (or having no sense of irony [which is almost as good]). First up went to the very nice National Conservation Centre to see Stephen King’s (no not that one) documentary photography exhibition Lewis’s Fifth Floor: A Department Story. Very interesting and refreshingly free from artyness. However I couldn’t help noticing a sign which said “Photography is strictly Forbidden. CCTV is in operation in this area”. Now to an old hand like moi, it wasn’t too hard to see the cameras had a dirty great blind spot, so here I present the evidence that there are a few double standards going on and am glad to have got a photo that nicely illustrates a point I wanted to make in my CCTV project.

Anyroad next up is Toxteth TV – which is (I’m sure) a worthy enterprise which trains young, excluded people in media skills in a part of Liverpool that has a certain reputation. So where better to stick the direction sign than on a pole holding up a dirty great CCTV camera?
I did wonder if it was an addition by a Scouse Banksy (Skintsy?)


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