Knowledge is power…

… and a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. ‘Yum’ my little Blurb manual about burgers is now also available in an el-cheapo paperback. On the same theme is this map which shows the price (in 2007) of Big Macs throughout the world (see not everything about McDonald’s is standardised). It came as a surprise to me that shops such as Kwik Save had different prices in their Manchester shops depending on how affluent the area was and what rivals were nearby.

Anyroadup, the map comes from MapTube which is a site that lets you create maps based on data. So for example, if you wanted to open a shop selling ectoplasm and had got information from the census where people lived who had indicated spiritualism as their religion, you upload the info and get a map which graphically showed this. You could then overlay it with info about incidences of Most Haunted viewers and bingo you’ve got some useful data.

Heard about the site whilst listening to the Radio 4 series ‘On the Map’ which is well worth a visit to iPlayer for. Incidently, I was listening on the train to Bradford’s National Media Museum to see three exhibitions Simon Robert’s ‘We English‘ (preferred Motherland, but it was interesting watching the interviews with him), Robbie Cooper’s Immersion (very interesting subject and the fact the pictures were stills from video made me wonder about the future of stills cameras) and over at Impressions was Not Natasha – Dana Popa’s project about Moldovian sex trafficked women (was a bit dubious about, but the photographs won me over).


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