Born to drink mild

April 3, 2010

H.G. Wells said: “When I see an adult on a bicycle, I do not despair for the future of the human race”. He’d obviously never ridden through Rusholme in the rush hour. Britain’s roads are set to become still more dangerous now (after a 25 year gap) I’ve got a bike (Globe Roll 01 since you ask).  However I am a member of the Tufty Club, got my Cycling Proficiency badge at school (it’s easy on a Chopper) and I solemnly  promise never to wear lycra, but you’ve got fair warning – it’s being delivered next week and them toe clips will be the first things to go (my aged knees probably the second thing).



  1. I am not jealous. Not one bit. Nope. Not at all. AGH!

  2. I’ll let you have a go. Might get a space hopper for work.

  3. White wall tyres…mmmm

  4. That Globe’s colour balance for you – they’re grey in real life (and it’s got to have brakes fitted in this country).

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