The Howard and David show

April 10, 2010

Ta to everyone who came to the Royal Exchange last night for the opening of the Old and New City exhibition. Ta to Martin O’Neill, (who never did finish telling me the circumstances leading to his photos of Joy Division) for the photo, apologies to him from me for cropping and sticking balloons on it so it can be pressed into service for the first Photism caption competition. The prize is a dunni-print. Mishka is not allowed to enter because I ripped off the idea of a caption competition from him and would feel duty bound to let him win as I feel guilty for estimating his age at 39 when in fact he is much younger, which would explain his ever increasing resemblance to the young David Hemmings. Anyroadup – enter by commenting below.



  1. Howard: I wish he’d warned me about the bloody sticky carrot cake. Me teeth are stuck together. I can’t speak!

    David: NIce one Mrs Dave, gives me a chance to rabbit on for hours!

  2. You’re not allowed to enter.

  3. Howard “Hair today?”
    David “Scones tomorrow!”

  4. Martin wins the print – his was by far the best bribe.

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