All in the crop

April 11, 2010

I’m slaving over the book version of my CCTV project (it’s the magazine + the exhibition + maybe the ephemera – I’ll tell you when it’s finished). As you know CCTV and advertising have been two of my companions (in the way chewing gum sticks to your shoes) for a while. Here’s a bit of documentary evidence. Above is one of Banksy’s early comments on CCTV. It’s almost become a cliche on flickr’s surveillance photo streams. Talking of which, below is an advert for The Prince’s Trust (Charlie’s charity) which features said Banksy, which must make him graffitist by Royal Appointment – but wait!  They’ve cropped out the “What are you looking at” bit! Wonder if they nicked the photo from Flickr? If I were Banksy  I’d send back my OBE. The sharp eyed amongst you have probably also noticed the camera looks a bit poorly nowadays.


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