Rupert’s a xxxx stupid name

April 12, 2010

My guilty secret has been a subscription to The Times – it was a cheap way of getting a paper and it’s always worth knowing what the bastards are up to and Mrs Dave likes the SuDoKu and I like fuming at all the traitorous ex-lefties who write for it and I can’t read news on a website. Anyroadup, whilst Murdoch Snr is getting ready to charge for going on their web site, his son  (bit of hereditary media moguling in action) has introduced a “Fair Pricing Policy” so everyone pays the same, well you pay more if you’ve been a subscriber for years. I’ll just do my bit to stop The Guardian going bump and transfer my subscription. At least I’ll be able to cancel it in protest at their photographers fee cutting shenanigans. May Baroness Dean forgive me……



  1. Nice picture.. by Tom Stoddart I think?

  2. Never knew that…

    When I used to do stuff for the T&G we had a set of (I think) 3 of these posters on the wall. I remember they were very well printed!

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