One of the best bits of viral marketing I’ve seen gives me the opportunity to mention Zach, who is not only one of my favourite photographers, but a good friend too. Above is one of the few photographs I have on display at home, it’s also one of the few I wish I’d taken. It’s not what it seems – the man on the right is Zach and the picture is in fact a self portrait (look closely – he’s  holding a remote control). His red underpants have a cult following on flickr and were featured on Have I got News For You a couple of weeks ago as a (Getty licensed) photo to illustrate the odd-one-out round.

If you’ve watched the viral video already, you’ll recognise the balaclava clad character [BELOW LEFT] is also played by Zach. I think his photos are: a) Funny and b) without pretension, which is very much like Zach and very unlike pupils enroled on the Cindy Sherman school of me, me, me self-portraiture.


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