April 20, 2010

In the days of analogue “Want to see some slides?” was one of the most dreaded things a photographer could inflict – now of course we have flickr streams to do the same job. Slideshows (now known as ‘multi-media presentations’) are a lot easier so are something I’m well into. I’m very glad to say Contact Editions are showing one of my short presentations tonight (Tuesday 20 April) at Unit 101, 54-58 Kingsland Road. Kicking off at 7pm they will be showing pieces from me, Carmel King, as well as new work from Seba Kurtis, Hin Chua and others. I won’t be there, but you might. If not, my contribution is here (Reality TV – you’ve probably seen it already).

Later on in the week you can see more multi-media (not featuring me, but I’ll be there) at BlackLab’s Kipple event. To see an excerpt of last time’s show click here.

Right then – my bike’s being delivered today, so no photography for a bit…



  1. Hope the London ‘thing’ went well…

  2. Me too! I was busy going to work and things in Manchester.
    Hope your do goes well tomorrow!

  3. Ta dude…oh, and here’s a new set of pix for u..


  4. Hi Mr D…print arrived..very nice, ta v muchly!

    And..it’s got me thinking…….

  5. You go easy on that “thinking” malarkey. It can only end in tears.

  6. Ha yes..my head hurts now

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