Imagine the embarrassment…

May 16, 2010

…of being called Leopold.
I once came across someone called ‘Portia’ – well I thought they were named after the character in The Merchant of Venice. Turned out they were called ‘Posher’, but their mum thought that was how you spelt ‘Porsche’ (as in the car). Class? Nope. So come on – if you must have little brats of your own, don’t give them daft names – have you never listened to ‘Boy Named Sue’? By the way, Leopold is in Pere Lachaise Cemetery keeping Oscar Wilde company.



  1. So, Léopold’s mum was a mother Fucker? I am so annoyed that I never saw this when I was there!

  2. I covered it up before you arrived.

  3. I once met a girl called Fanny Hymen

  4. I’ll be scouring the obituary columns for notice of her demise.

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