But is it art?

A trip to Liverpool is on the cards to see Picasso: Peace and Freedom which is on at Tate Liverpool and looks at the artist’s political activism. It also gives me an excuse to sneak in a bit of bike porn in the shape of my reworking of a Picasso’s ‘Head of a Bull’ sculpture from 1942. After the war, he became a member of the French Communist Party, though the comrades had a bit of trouble squaring Uncle Joe’s socialist realism with Pablo’s cubism, just as some of said comrades had problems with his celebrity/playboy/extrovert/wealthy lifestyle*. Ever adaptable, Picasso recycled a picture of one of Matisse’s pigeons as a dove of peace for the French C.P. And news just in – his 1912 ‘Dove with Green Peas’ (shouldn’t that be ‘Greenpeace’?) has just been nicked from a Paris Museum.
A cynical Salvador Dali once said: “Picasso is Spanish – so is Dali! Picasso is a communist – neither is Dal!”

*Delete according to your preference in moral outrage.


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