Exhibit ‘A’

May 21, 2010

Here’s one of the CCTV cameras in Manchester Art Gallery (cameras in exhibition spaces are almost a sub-project of mine). Anyways – it’s a tenuous link to a ramble around their current photography exhibition  ‘A World Observed’, a big 250 print retrospective of Dorothy Bohm’s work. Fellow photo blogger Mark Page has written about it in none too glowing terms – and I have to say I agree. To me, they were dull (apart from the Polaroids), had little to say and weren’t of any historical interest. They reminded me of the sort of stuff in amateur photo magazines – taken following the current orthodoxy – often competent, but only of interest to the person who took the photo – photos for the sake of photos. Nowt wrong with that, but on a gallery wall?
Usually I leave a photography exhibition either inspired to take photographs or give up because can’t come close to what I’ve seen. I’m afraid I left the City Art Gallery wondering if TK Maxx was still open.



  1. The stewards have ‘nick named’ her Dorothy Boredom..

    • I wonder how much the gallery/curator is to blame for the selection/size – a much smaller exhibition might have been better. Think they will have to rethink how they ‘do’ photography.

      I know just the member of staff to do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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