On singularity

October 10, 2010

Some photographers seem to pursue their chosen subject with a singularity that borders on obsession. (can’t think why that would appeal to me). People like O.Winston Link, and Harold Edgerton spring to mind. I went to see Tate Britain’s exhibition about a particularly ‘singular’ example of the species – Eadweard Muybridge. People are most familiar with his images of horses galloping, which proved that they lift all four legs off the floor mid-gallop. Doubtless that had undoubted scientific value, of some doubt are his: ‘Chickens scared by torpedo’ (1887) and ‘Headspring as flying pigeon interferes’ (1889). Muybridge also shot dead his wife’s lover and got aquitted (by a jury of married men) on the grounds it was what any husband should be expected to do.
As I said – erm – singular sort of fellow. The exhibition is on until 16 January 2011.


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