Family album

October 16, 2010

Here’s one from the family album – I’m the charming chap on the right.
I think I remember this being taken (though it was a couple [ahem] of years back).
I can’t remember who the lad on the left is, but I think my sister Sandra took it.
For a while it’s been recognised that digital photography with flickr, Facebook et al, future generations possibly won’t have piles of prints stuck in albums to laugh at. Student Marcia Petterson, is doing a survey as part of her dissertation for her BA in Photography at Thames Valley University and is researching how digital technology is affecting the family album as an historical record of social history.
Click here to take part and help her.



  1. Cloning hair is a skill worth learning. In your case, using this pic as a source, you could honestl claim “it IS my hair”, without disclosing the time shift!

    Congrats to your Sandra for making such an historical & valuable photo. Was it shot on an Olympus, or had you not become their International Tester at that stage ?

    Luvvies from Sale.

  2. The only camera I remember from those days was a Smena 8 (later to become a Cosmic Symbol) an those Lomo people think they invented it all.

    P.S. If Lomo want to sponsor me – money only please, no equipment.

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