On irony and the lack thereof

November 6, 2010

Now it’s often said that Americans don’t get irony – and it must be said that there’s a lot of evidence to back that view up. [Above] is a sign on the window of the Gun Store in Las Vegas (I’ll tell you more about our trip there another time). Now this lack of irony often contributes to English people’s sense of smug superiority when visiting the USA – however I discovered they may have been sniggering behind our backs all along – [Below] is a pack of toy soldiers (made in China, of course) purchased from another of our top-tourist-tips for Las Vegas, The Atomic Testing Museum. Thank you very much.

Oh and by the way ‘Frangible’:

A frangible bullet is one that is designed to disintegrate into tiny particles upon impact to minimize their penetration for reasons of range safety, to limit environmental impact, or to limit the danger behind the intended target. Examples are the Glaser Safety Slug and the breaching round.Frangible bullets will disintegrate upon contact with a surface harder than the bullet itself. Frangible bullets are often used by shooters engaging in close quarter combat training to avoid ricochets; targets are placed on steel backing plates that serve to completely fragment the bullet. Frangible bullets are typically made of non-toxic metals, and are frequently used on “green” ranges and outdoor ranges where lead abatement is a concern. (Wikipedia)

You wouldn’t expect us to go to a non-green business to take care of our machine gunning requirements now would you?



  1. Marvelous! I have fond memories of the Glaser Safety Slug from the original version of Manhunter (the Michael Mann version). Highly recommend it to Mrs Dave

  2. She was more of a fan of the breaching round herself, but has come round to your way of thinking.

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