Live forever

November 21, 2010

There’s been a bit of behind the scenes work going on on my ‘Yum’ project about fast food – especially the McVariety. If you’ve been paying attention at the back, you will remember my posting about the McDonald’s burger that would not rot. Now according to my chief scientist, any burger of the same size would behave the same way, so McDonald’s haven’t in fact discovered the secret of eternal life and I am pleased to show my editorial balance and say all burgers are full of shit. Meanwhile I was much heartened to watch this story of two Burger King employees who gave out a receipt with the words ‘Fuck You’ printed on it. How did they do that? Unfortunately there’s a sad end to the story – they got sacked. Perhaps they should have stuck to spitting in customers food. And should the outraged customer want to put his receipt on eBay, I’ll definitely be putting in a bid.


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