Indecent exposures

December 17, 2010

Now obviously I’m a keen photographer and I’ve spent more time than most in graveyards and I’ve got more than a passing interest in surveillance cameras, but a story in Amateur Photographer caught my eye… A photographer was filmed on CCTV in a Mississippi cemetery taking pictures of himself with no clothes on. Lest you think there was anything untoward about this, the 47 year old explained he was conducting his hobby of orb photography, which he says is capturing circles of light at night, some of which appear to be faces. He was naked because ‘the skin can be the best canvas for such photography’. I may have to start watching ‘Most Haunted’ again. He is being charged (without irony) with indecent exposure (gettit?). And yes, cemeteries do sometimes have CCTV.

Today’s picture is from my exhibition Memento Mori and is a composite of several images taken in Pere Lachase. As an aside, when I was doing the exhibition, it was planned I would photograph a recreation of a Victorian funeral which was going to be staged by school children to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Salford’s municipal cemeteries. Alas I was seriously ill when it was held. However the taboo about photographing funerals may be changing. See this link from the BBC about one photographer who will shoot the conclusion of your family album for £500.



  1. Were you starkers when you took this?

  2. As always I kept on my socks and my dignity.

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