Photojournale présente

I’m very pleased to say Photojournale have published my CCTV project Reality TV as one of their first multimedia presentations. It’s a big thrill to have my work shown alongside such high quality documentary photography, so thank you to the people who put the site together. If you’ve not come across Photojournale before I would recommend a visit (even without my minor contribution). The site is described as:

“A unique and leading online photo documentary publishing entity and online community of some of the world’s leading photojournalists. Founded in 2004 to promote the story form of photo documentary and photojournalism from around the world, today it has leading photographers from all corners of the globe publishing through the site, a diverse international editorial committee that crosses cultural and geo political boundaries and is involved in exhibition, publication and promotion of photojournalistic excellence”.

P.S. You’ll have (or maybe you’ll have not) noticed it’s stopped snowing on the blog. To celebrate, the squirrels which run the blog have changed the background colour from blue to grey (obviously).


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