Black vomit

Can’t say I’m an expert on Belgium industrial-electro music, but I’m very pleased to say one of my photographs has been used on the cover of  Vomito Negro‘s new album. It’s called Slave Nation and is out today on Out of Line/Universal – you can buy it from here and elsewhere. Doing an album cover has been a long time ambition of mine, so I was very happy when the band stumbled across me.

The photo was from my ‘Reality TV’ project about CCTV and has been used before on the cover of ‘Journey Planet’ fanzine for their George Orwell issue. Funny how I never picked the picture for exhibition, which just shows how you’re not always the best judge of your own work.

Anyroadup, here’s a link to a video of the band at the last years’ Kinetik Festival.

P.S. Spookily enough today is the anniversary of George Orwell’s death. Don’t know if they chose to release it today on purpose – I’ll ask.


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