Tape machine

January 23, 2011

A few months ago I was asked for some of my CCTV photos for a Japanese TV documentary about surveillance. I’m sure if you keep flicking your dodgy Sky box for long enough you’ll find Fuji TV, if you do, look out for the programme Sekai no arienai eizou Retsuden and don’t blink. Talking of Fuji TV – here’s a bit of my CCTV ephemera in the shape of a CCTV branded video tape. In t’olden days security staff used to have to do a video tape shuffle – another thing digital’s ruined.
You (and no doubt Fuji) will be pleased to hear the fee was truly (if not well) spent on financing my QR project.


One comment

  1. Dave, you really are big in Japan! Well done you 🙂

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