Armchair documentarist

German photographer Michael Wolf has received an honourable mention in the World Press Photo competition and he didn’t even have to take a picture to do it. Instead he has trawled Google Street View and found and copied images for his A Series of Unfortunate Events. I’m a wholehearted fan of misappropriating images in this way. What after all are photographers but stealers of images? Interestingly whilst trying to steal one of Googles/Wolfs images to show you, I got a polite dialogue box asking me to respect the copyright of World Press Photo. A while back, I blogged about being caught on Google Earth, whilst photographing their car, photographing me outside the home of Victorian photographer Juliet Margaret Cameron. On a related note, Mishka Henner is no stranger to these pages and I can recommend his new book, for which he didn’t take any  photos either. Fifty-One US MIlitary Outposts presents:

“… overt and covert military outposts used by the United States in fifty-one different countries across the world. The sites in this publication have been located and gathered from information available in the public domain, including official US military and veterans’ websites and forums, domestic and foreign news articles, and official government documents and reports”.


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