Alfred Stieglitz in ‘The Handheld Camera – Its Present Importance’, (1897) wrote:

Photography is a fad well-nigh on its last legs, thanks principally to the bicycle craze. Those seriously interested in its advancement do not look upon this state of affairs as a misfortune, but as a disguised blessing, insomuch as photography had been classed as a sport by nearly all of those who deserted its ranks and fled to the present idol, the bicycle!

I haven’t entirely  abandoned photography, but have been our riding my bike more than taking photos. Occasionally I might even take a photo of a bike. There is also the little matter of the Tour de France, and my booklet on cover designs of Orwell’s 1984, but worry not there will be more delights to be beheld on my blog in the coming period – and now I must go and learn how to true a wheel. Anyroadup if you kindly sponsored me to do the Manchester to Blackpool bike ride in aid of Christies, me and fellow photographer David Oates did it yesterday, please pay up.
Oh by the way, the photograph above is of course by Herni Cartier-Bresson and not Alfred Stieglitz, but for some reason photographers do seem to like bicycles.


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