Ready, aim, fire!

August 16, 2011

I was going to photograph closed-down pubs, but a black plume of smoke blowing from Salford to the centre of Manchester changed my mind. The Manchester Evening News settled on a picture it found on Twitter, but what was interesting was the comments the story engendered. The recent riots that took place in British cities last week meant many people assumed the burning tyres signalled a new outbreak of social unrest. I was reminded of the days after 9/11 (blimey – tenth anniversary already) when anything was taken as the start of a new attack. Should you be still in witch-hunt mode, the children pictured here were not responsible for the fire – despite riding mountain bikes.



  1. I saw that and changed my mind didn’t get up as close and personal and you.
    The (Oldham based) MEN really is useless now along with most of the other media, relying on twitter etc. and readers letters and emails for content.
    Be a disaster for media if the powers that be want to block social networks in times of trouble!
    Reminiscent of Burma methinks.
    Still on a plus side they’d have more advertising space.

  2. I imagine the Evening News is still one of the biggest local newspapers, but when they started giving it away on Thursdays and Fridays in the city centre they showed it’s true value.

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