In the line of fire

September 11, 2011

An interesting article here from The Guardian about a picture by Magnum photographer Thomas Hoepker of 9/11 which was not published at the time, not because it was horrific, but because it might have been taken to show people relaxing as the Twin Towers burned. I’ve written before about the ambiguity of photography. Last month my photographs of young people on mountain bikes watching a fire in Salford, were interpreted as showing rioting. The fact is that photographers are always attracted to contrasts and juxtapositions.


One comment

  1. Looking at this inspires the fear I felt at the site of this that day(I had one old friend killed in the building) and the loathing I feel for Al Quaeda and the Taliban. How could fervent Moslems do this to another people? The Qu’ran forbids this kind of wholesale killing of innocent people as much as the Bible does. The men who were inspired to do this were a sick bunch and I do hope they are burning for eternity. Having said that, I do not really think justice will ever be done for this. (sigh)

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