There will be mud

January 2, 2012

My annual trip to Todmorden today – to watch cyclocross racing round the park – the conditions were ideal for this strangest of sports. Mud and plenty of it. Even though it is part of a league, anyone can turn up to race, but I wouldn’t recommend it if you mind falling off or getting your bike dirty. Like most cycling though, you can get close enough to the action to get splatted in mud or run over if you get in the way.



  1. Although your photos are impressive(they always are, David), it’s the snowflakes on this page which fascinate me! Really calming and nice, though I couldn’t tell you why. I just love the snow!

  2. Did you notice they follow your mouse around too?
    It’s WordPress’ annual Christmas treat to their bloggers.

    • Thanks for pointing that little action out! I did not notice it before.

  3. Came across a video by Benjamin Haworth of the race:

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