Never mind the width…

March 4, 2012

… feel the quality of these 5×4″ Kodachrome transparencies from World War Two. Partly they seem startling because their subject matter is usually only known to us in monochrome and partly because they were good photographs and just very well done. It seems almost dismissive to categorise them as propaganda photographs, but that’s what they were. This one was taken in 1942 by Howard Hollem of the American Office of War Information.
See more here.



  1. Well, we did win the war alongside Britain.. This is what I call a manifestation of the Big Dick Syndrome which is writ large in our culture! LOLOL!

  2. Ha Ha. And what a pity Kodachrome is no longer with us and Kodak have just announced the axing of several Ektachrome films (and are moving into bankruptcy.

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