The message is on the media

Some short while ago I told of my own take on the habit of people re-publishing cute photos with trite sentiments emblazoned thereon. A selection of these were posted on FaceBook and a few may yet appear on Pinterest, A very select few of you may be receiving a little package of such philosophical photography in the near future and woe betide you if they shortly after appear on eBay.


4 thoughts on “The message is on the media

  1. Hah! Those silly little kitty photos cheer me up when I need it. Though I know they’re dopey, they pull me out of the doldrums when I need it. I have three black cats myself and it is an extension of the FB Cat Ladies site for me. I know-I need to mature a bit…..

  2. It’s all about the pussy with you, isn’t David? At least you’re a magnet for the intelligent and thinking ones.

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