The All Seeing City

May 21, 2012

Next week sees the second of three walks in Manchester organised by The Loiterers Resistance Movement. It promises to use psychogeography to transform the streets into a gallery and a playground. The All Seeing City on Sunday 26 May from 2 to 5pm, is of special interest to me as the walk examines the architecture of fear in the city and how we can banish it. It will include a game of CCTV bingo and a chance to explore what scares us and why. A couple of years ago I led a ‘Security and Surveillance Photo Walk’ organised by RedEye – this one will undoubtably be funnier and bring a greater theoretical rigour to proceedings. The have been made possible with a Cornerhouse Micro-Commission. To book a place go here.



  1. I wish I could be there to attend this for so many reasons. Since I can’t, I will do it vicariously through your photography as usual.

  2. It’s OK – I won’t be on this walk either as it clashes with a bike ride.

  3. Wish I could be there, too, David, but for obvious reasons, can’t swing it. This really does sound wonderful.

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