Blue Sky, Black Cloud

It was the Manchester SkyRide (where streets in the centre of the city are closed and 25,000 people ride round and round on their bikes). Regular readers will remember me taking my camera and a bike to every other one they’ve done. But this time, some Sky emblazoned hireling decided I needed to be questioned for such dubious behaviour (I suppose it makes a change from plod saying it’s illegal to photograph Labour Conferences and Arndale security guards throwing me out because only terrorists would want take a photo of a McDonald’s). Ms Sky was concerned about image rights and that I might sell my photos – obviously she wasn’t aware that Rupert Murdoch has ensured that newspapers don’t pay for anything. Anyway – whilst I’m waiting for Toby from Manchester Council to get in touch (who she thought needed to be informed), I thought I’d just have a moan about how fucking pissed off I’m getting with this sort of thing. So I was going to post some nice snaps of people enjoying riding traffic free in the sunshine, but I’ll post this instead. If Toby rings, I’ll email him some photos of pot holes he could be filling in.


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