Video at Chester’s Rogues’ Galleries Festival

trolley dash web bannerI’m showing ‘Trolley Dash’ – a video of 600 photographs of abandoned shopping trolleys – as part of a new festival that sees empty shops turned into pop-up galleries on the theme of shopping. The festival runs for 10 days from the 14 March and the video will be shown at The Hub, 43 Watergate, alongside others exploring the same themes.
Find out more about the event here and
See a 90 second preview of the 15 minute Trolley Dash video here 

shopping trolleyShopping trolleys were invented so customers could buy more than they could carry. Today, particularly in poorer areas, people who do not have the cars that modern supermarkets are designed for sometimes push the trolleys home and leave them. As they cost about £100 each, some supermarkets pay for firms to drive around collecting them. Increasingly though shops fit security devices that lock the trolley wheels to stop them being pushed beyond the car park.


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