More trees

I’m still adding photos to my ‘A Tree Made of Real Wood’ series which was exhibited earlier in the year at Waterside Arts Centre and was part of the ‘Roast Beef’ pop-up exhibition at Arles Photo Festival. I’m looking for other exhibition venues for it if your gallery has some empty white walls…
Here’s a few recent additions.
black gables




OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA_DSF1133I’ve just read an essay (‘Manchester Black and Blue’ by Andrew Crompton). Who writes  how until after the 1956 Clean Air Act most of Manchester was stained black with soot. In the 1840s black snow had fallen. He writes of the same period:
“…when the first urban parks were built in the 1840s all the trees in them died, and that in the early nineteenth century the city was tree free. Even in Edwardian times, tubs of plants used to brighten the city in summer had to be rehabilitated in a municipal nursery in Cheshire for the rest of the year”.




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