New (sort of) exhibition

August 19, 2013

dunnico_nexus-web-posterMy new (well it’s sort of an old one really) opens today (well sort of this week) at Nexus Arts Cafe in Manchester. Memento Mori was my first solo exhibition and shown at Salford Museum and Art Gallery in 2007. It included the photographs which are being hung at Nexus as well as objects to do with Victorian ideas of mourning such as memento mori pictures, a mourning dress and even a bakelite coffin. Some of the photos feature in this video I made at the time.



  1. Hey David, Just been looking at the new Elbow cover and remind me of the Momento Mori Exhibition we were lucky enough to have at Salford Museum and Art Gallery. Looking forward to reading more of your blog. All the best Sarah

  2. Hi Sarah – hope you’re well. I’ve been very lucky to work with all the people at Salford again since then. Memento Mori was shown earlier this year at Stockport War Memorial and Art Gallery, a venue which gave it something extra, as all the Victorian artefacts it was shown with at Salford did.

    Oh yes and I’ve been listening to Elbow as well!

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