September 30, 2013

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TUC Demo at the Tory Party Conference in Manchester. A sunny stroll out at the end of summer. I doubt any Tories were too worried apart from one delegate who was stupid enough to wander past wearing his credentials. Perhaps he should have heeded the police’s advice to students not to mindlessly meander with their smartphones out, or worn a City shirt in Old Trafford – anyway I think the shopping riots of two years ago (see my post “I Luv The Mcr Riots“, below) worried them more.




  1. I love the way they call that metal wall a ‘cordon’ as if it’s just the same as a flimsy bit of plastic tape with ‘police line – do not cross’ printed with some chevrons.

  2. Whatever happened to “the ring of steel” they used to throw up?
    I miss the old “iron arse”.

  3. Intresting

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