For one day only…

July 28, 2014




Mass Observation Worktown Observation Centre
Tuesday 29 July from 12 noon to 5pm, Unit X7 Market Place, Knowsley Street, Bolton BL1 2AL


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  1. Local newspapers often carry crime stories illustrated with still photos taken from CCTV footage. Journalists base many of these articles on press releases from the police, rather than original research. This is a cheap way of filling pages, but means the coverage is one-sided and rarely critical. When headlines appear critical they are often just clichés. Cameras that monitor traffic are “Spies”, ones controlled by publicly accountable organisations such as councils are ‘Big Brother’.

    The impression is given that monitoring everything everyone does is necessary for public safety. But the CCTV footage of the abduction of Jamie Bulger and the terrorist bombings in Manchester and London, reminds us CCTV does not stop crime, but gave the television news something to show. Programmes, such as “Police, Camera Action!” use footage gathered as evidence for voyeuristic entertainment.
    Researchers look at newspaper reports to find out about the past. The founders of Mass Observation questioned how accurately newspapers portrayed society. What will future historians think about our society from our media?

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