More of the same (but different)

A Nice Pair moo cardsHere’s another of example of the medium being the message. If you’ve been paying attention at the back, you’ll have seen my one-off book of other people’s photographs ‘A Nice Pair’ – The idea behind it was to give pictures meanings by being presented on an opposite page to other unrelated pictures. There’s also the possibility the viewer can make up stories by the association of one pair of pictures with another.

Anyroad, being of a democratic persuasion, I’ve now done produced (well actually Moo Cards have produced) the book as individual cards, so the order can be mixed up and new pairings and associations made. Just to keep it interesting there were a few rogue images that weren’t in the book.

If you want a pdf of the book, email or message me. If you want the set of 50 cards, tough.


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