I’m taking part in ‘Take Back Control’ a group exhibition about Brexit at The Crypt Gallery in London (a place I’ve long wanted to show work in) – It runs from 14th to 24th March and features artists including   Kennard-Phillips and Jeremy Deller. My piece is the Ballot Box / Paper Shredder I exhibited at ‘Represent! 100 Years of the Vote’ at Manchester’s People’s History Museum.

2 thoughts on “Brexibit

  1. That’s great news Dave and I really love the piece. So does the gallery by the look of their posters. Exhibiting with Jeremy Deller who’s work I love, brilliant. Hope your health is on the mend. P


  2. The Crypt Gallery (Under the ‘New’ St. Pancreas Church, just near Euston) is somewhere I’ve been dying (sorry) to exhibit at for ages – and I’m a big fan of Kennard-Phillips too!

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