New Book: I Luv Mcr

11 skewed stories in a psychogeoraphic stylee, about the city of Manchester in my new book – ‘I Luv Mcr’. A6, 72 pages, full colour photos) oh and one black and white one). You can have a peek here…
Inside you’ll find:
1. I LUV MCR: A slogan borrowed from elsewhere
2. BUZZING: The Symbol & significance of the bee
3. RADICALS + RIOTERS: Manchester likes its rioters to be in the past
4. WHAT’S ITS NAME?: Change the name to change the history – The problem with Wythenshawe and Lenningrad
5. A RIGHT ONE: Why developers like to call things number one 
6. INCONVENIENCED: Why there is nowhere to spend a penny
7. FACTORY: The heritage industry – Where once there were factories, now there are monuments
8. INTEMPERATE: Street of sin – Why Google called a Manchester street “Hand Job Alley”
9.COLD AS CHARITY: The charity collection buckets that stopped you giving.
10. F-FOR FAKE: Things in the city are not what they seem – buildings hidden behind big photos of themselves
11. HIGH RISE & FALL: An iconic photograph decoded – That one of Ena Sharples standing on a block of flats

Most of the stories in this booklet have been adapted from articles first published in ‘Now Then Manchester’ magazine. ‘Inconvenienced’ was published in a one off psychogeography fanzine and was adapted from an article I wrote for Red Pepper. ‘Intemperate’ is abridged from my artist’s book ‘No Mancs Land’ (with apologies to Mishka Henner) ‘Cold As Charity’ and ‘F-For Fake’ were little photo essays I posted on FaceBook and the finale, ‘High Rise & Fall’ has been knocking around in various forms waiting to get used.

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