Funeral Drape

Coffin drape ‘All That Is Solid Melts Into Air / Marx & Engels’. Woven polyester, 290cm x 150cm.



A national commemoration was held today in Manchester to mark the first anniversary of the suicide bombing, which killed 22 people at a pop concert being held at Manchester Arena. I photographed the city centre the morning after the attack. Here are some photographs from today.

Dial M


Acting Prime Minister Teresa May obviously enjoyed the copy of Pra(V)da I sent her and probably longs for the good old days when people just photographed her shoes.


A couple of my short videos (including at least one getting its world premiere) will be in the 7th edition of the Subliminal Review, which lands next Wednesday (16 May 2018) at its new review

Combination Ballot Box / Paper Shredder

This is a piece I’ve got in an exhibition at The People’s History Museum, which opens next month…

Ballot box that shreds votes as they are cast
45 x 30 x 30 cm, clear acrylic, paper, plastic, metal
© David Dunnico 2018

American Anarchist Emma Goldman was credited with saying: “If voting changed anything they would make it illegal”.

For 100 years, since the Representation of the People Act gave most men and some women the right to vote, people have been questioning if having the vote is the same as having political power. Today, with globalisation, people are asking how much power national governments really have.

But the surprising result of the Brexit vote in the UK, and the unexpected election of Trump in the USA, mean relatively small numbers of votes may have changed everything.

Waterside Arts Open Exhibition

I’ve got a picture included in the Waterside Arts Open Exhibition which runs from 15 March to Saturday 19 May 2018 – It’s called Open/Close, Up/Down and looks like this:
helenErr… Or this:
Because it’s a lenticular print (one of those 3-D things that appear to move as you move, which you used to get inside boxes of cereal). So it actually looks like this:

Only you can’t see it like that in the gallery because it’s stuck to a wall – You have to do the moving to watch Helen’s eyes open and close – Which is where it gets weird and wobbly as you have to contort yourself and squint to see her face – This is because the two images do not exactly overlap one another and rather than the lenses that make a lenticular image work running from top to bottom as you’d expect, they run horizontally.  All of which may or may not explain why the piece is called Open/Close, Up/Down and will hopefully baffle people into contortions, or move them quickly on to another piece.

I entered three pieces into the exhibition, naturally, this was the ‘filler’ and the other two pieces were rejected. The 2018 Open is the sixth time Waterside have run the exhibition and the third (I think) time I’ve entered. I had a sound installation in it four(?) years ago called 100 Breaths Per Minute, which goes like this:


Get them while they’re young

Top of my list of Xmas presents this year was the Santa’s Elf CCTV – if you’ve been nice you have nothing to fear from Santa watching you, but he’ll know if you’ve been naughty! Plus it gets your children used to the idea of constant surveillance right from the start. It might just be the best £3.99 you’ll spend this whole year.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


The first issue of PRA(v)DA – my tabloid exposing the sordid shoe fetish of Theresa May is somewhere amongst the zines on display at a new exhibition at The Doomed Gallery in London (what a good name that is). As I won’t be there, there’s a special prize for anyone who goes and sends me a photo of my zine  – in the event of there being more than one entry, I’ll err towards the one which pictures mine artistically arranged on top of other people’s zines.