November 14, 2017

Most of my photography is taken in and is about the city – I’m not so concerned about what the city looks like, but how it works and why it doesn’t work for a lot of the people who live in it. Manchester Design Festival included a debate between developers, architects and planners. I went and wrote this article for Now Then Manchester…

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October 11, 2017

The first issue of PRA(v)DA – my tabloid exposing the sordid shoe fetish of Theresa May is somewhere amongst the zines on display at a new exhibition at The Doomed Gallery in London (what a good name that is). As I won’t be there, there’s a special prize for anyone who goes and sends me a photo of my zine  – in the event of there being more than one entry, I’ll err towards the one which pictures mine artistically arranged on top of other people’s zines.



Back again

October 1, 2017


September 19, 2017

It’s time for a new edition and new venue of the arts workshop/salon/happening I sometimes contribute to by way of a video. This time, my video Star Spangled Burger will be getting its world premiere (well if you don’t count me putting it on here and FaceBook and stuff). Your £5 entrance fee will all go to Forever Manchester and in return you will hopefully be entertained, educated and feel just that little bit more erudite than you did before.

Crispy Ambulance Poster 6 a3


Exhibit #3

September 15, 2017

It’s your last chance to see the exhibition ‘Republic of Brexitopia’ at the Espacio Gallery in London, which includes my War Memorial. Here’s my disembodied hand wiping the dust of the battlefield off one of the three panels. The exhibition closes on Saturday 16 September 2017 at 7pm.


Exhibit #2

September 6, 2017

Brexitopia War memorial leaflet.inddThe Republic of Brexitopia exhibition (see my earlier post) opens today (6 September 2017 – and you’ve got ten days to go and see it (gallery closed on Mondays). “So, Dave” I hear you asking – “What’s this war memorial you’ve done for it?” I’m glad you asked that – here’s a leaflet that explains some if not all.

Brexitopia War memorial leaflet.indd



Exhibit #1: Republic of Brexitopia

September 5, 2017

Brexitopia leaflet smallI’m taking part in a group exhibition at Espacio Gallery in Bethnal Green, London, from 6 to 16 September 2017, organised by Degrees of Freedom. The Republic of Brexitopia: Signals from an imagined future is an exhibition about an imaginary country of the near future, and asks an international group of artists (I’m playing for the home side) to examine the form it might take and the forces that might shape it.

My contribution is a War memorial – for after all, the Brexitopians (like the British) are obsessed with the (Second World) War, or rather a fictional version of it, half  remembered from old films. The War is used as a lazy metaphor for everything from football to Brexit. Cuts are packaged as “austerity” and we are urged to “Keep Calm And Carry On”. So before any shots have been fired, we better have a war memorial. Three Polished granite panels turn out to be plastic and the names engraved upon them are not casualties, but the cast lists of British war films.


Each film is from a different decade and about a different service: 1940s: ‘In Which We Serve’ (Royal Navy); 1950s: ‘Dunkirk’ (British Army) and the 1960s ‘Battle of Britain’ (Royal Air Force).
three plaques web

You can download a pdf leaflet about my war memorial here and there’s a catalogue, leaflets, press release etc. to go with the exhibition here. If you’re in London while the exhibition’s on here’s where it is….