Join with the Committee for public safety

August 13, 2010

The story so far… workmen cut back some greenery and discovered a priceless Mr Banksy on an electricity sub-station in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. In the years it was out of sight, Mr Banksy has gone from vandal to artist, so rather than paint over it, the council have knocked up a frame, whilst they decide what happens next. Some have pointed out it’s a pretty shit example of his art and there have been suggestions it was actually done by a bloke called Tony. Anyway, Councillor Pat Karney has let celebrity get the better of discernment and judges: “It’s really exciting”. However, I trust you will follow the lead of the newly resurrected Committee of Public Safety and call the Grime Shame Line. Zero Tolerance must ever be our watchword!

P.S. Thieving buggers have stolen 2 of these warning stickers already.


One comment

  1. […] not one of mine September 9, 2010 Regular readers will know about my membership of the Committee for Public Safety, so I would obviously concur with the sentiments expressed in this photograph […]

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