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September 16, 2008

Hello and welcome to my photography blog. I’m a documentary photographer and writer from Manchester in the UK. You can email me at: david@dunni.co.uk or watch a short film or three here on vimeo and you can read my own publications here at Issuu. 


Eroica Moultoneer

August 23, 2015

My article on Eroica Britannia’s just been published in ‘The Moultoneer’, magazine of the Moulton Bicycle club.
Moultoneer Eroica 1 web

Moulton Eroica 2 web

Moultoneer eroica 3 web


1984: The Ballet

August 20, 2015

1984 The Ballet, Northern BalletI spent yesterday in Leeds with Northern Ballet finding out about Jonathan Watkins’s ballet adaptation of Orwell’s 1984. A group of us were allowed a great behind the scenes look at the production which tours Leeds, Nottingham, Manchester and Sheffield from Saturday 5th September to Saturday 24th October.

1984 ballet


Men In Lycra Invade France

July 21, 2015
Commuting in Manchester

Commuting in Manchester

As usual at this time of year, I’m sat on my arse watching the Tour de France instead of taking photographs – I did however get on my bike and go and take this one of Rapha posters in Manchester city centre advertising Le Tour. I think the “Acts Of Bravery Every Day Of The Week” one probably refers to commuting in rush hour down Chester Road where I took this photo.


Field Trip Review

July 6, 2015

Now Then Manchester SkylinerGraffiti and street art are up my street, so I Now Then Manchester magazine asked me to write a review of Skyliner’s Field Trips to look at examples that litter/light up Manchester’s Northern Quarter.  It’s the first thing I’ve written for them since the magazine became on-line only (I’m just a print tart at heart), but I can commend the magazine to you, dear readers.

Skyliner researches and writes very informative psychogeography pieces about Manchester that have more than once sent me out to look and photograph the underbelly of the fair city, so am very happy to commend the field trips to you.


Self Destruct

June 23, 2015
Dunnico, New York destroyed in films article

Dunnico, New York destroyed in films article

Issue 15 of The Modernist magazine looks at “E for Entertainment” and is as erudite and eccentric as ever. My contribution to is called “Self Destruct” about the depiction of the destruction of New York City in films – it joins articles on Odeon cinema design, the Vox Phantom guitar and the golden age of kinetic board games.

You really should buy the magazine – your £5 will support the society’s work, but you can read my piece here…

Dunnico, New York destroyed in films article

Dunnico, New York destroyed in films article

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June 5, 2015

souplesse and musette“For the modern cyclist” comes ‘Souplesse’ – a one-off publication from Manchester Modernist Society, which includes my photo story “The T’fosi” about Britain’s cycling fans. Please support this publication by buying a copy for £4 direct from The Modernists.

souplesse for blog


Spend Wednesday 3 June in good company

May 29, 2015

Crispy Ambulance Poster


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